Sunday, November 1, 2009


I organised, curated and participated in a group exhibition of all our work. After five weeks in Iceland I had completed a series of photographs under the project title "Nina, the ghost who lives in my house" Basically it was all about a pretend ghost who is obsessed with boys and follows young couples around spying on them. I developed everything in the dark room on the floor below my apartment, which was such a good find! we had a really dodgy old enlarger, but I got there with it in the end... I happened to be using colour film which i developed in black and white because that was all the chemicals I had.
It was a great night, and we were all really suprised people actually turned up! As we didnt know that many people to invite so we were dead impressed when a bunch of strangers turned up. I woke up the next morning to discover that one of my polaroids had mysteriously disappeared... which was very creepy considering it was two days away from halloween and the picture was of me dressed up as a ghost. Anyway, turned out it was just my lovely housemate Julia who liked it and spontaeniously swiped it, then confessed her crime to me the next day. Oh Julia...

Monday, October 19, 2009


This weird old house on Manor Road in Stoneybatter is quite a landmark. Most people who live around these streets know about the old lady who lives in there, but for those who dont:

She's been known to wear theatrical ballgowns and over-the-top make-up. She leaves out one bin bag per week. A really really small plastic bag with no bin tag or anything. Sometimes the bin men take it away out of the kindness of their hearts, but often the bin bags are just left sitting there until birds peck at them, or neighbours take them away.

Her roof is falling apart, so in the winter her house must get flooded. I wonder does she just stay downstairs?

These photos of Sarah-Louise Conway were taken on one of the sunniest days of the summer. I used 35mm slide film on my colour splash camera. I didnt use a flash, because I didnt need to, but next time I will definately experiment with coloured flashes on this film.

I also shot the entire 36 frames in stoneybatter with my skirt accidently tucked into the back of my pants. Nobody told me until I reached the Haypenny bridge. (sarah didnt notice because she was standing infront of me the whole time)

Where am I?

These are some photographs taken of Edel Cox last summer. The grainy ones (the last four) were taken with my diana F+ on a sunny day in a dark part of the Iveagh Gardens. I used my flash and double/triple exposed most of the frames. The first photograph was taken on the roof of Edel's house, with my Holga. accidently left the lense cap on for most of the roll of film, but fortunately I noticed towards the end, which was really embarressing but atleast I managed to take some photos.

Reykjavik 101

Here are some of the triangle photographs I've been taking in Reykjavik. I taped a piece of card in

to the back of my camera (the part of my Holga where you load in your film, just behind the lense) I cut a triangle out of the inside of the card and loaded my film as normal. This makes interesting images.